Alvento Winery

Alvento Winery

Bruno Moos and Elyane Grenier have transplanted their winemaking passion and expertise from Tuscany. Establishing their five-hectare site in 2001, they faced three difficult Ontario winters, releasing tiny quantities of Nebbiolo, Viognier and Cabernet-based reds in 2005. The choice of Nebbiolo, the Piedmontese grape that makes Barolo, was based on climatic similarity, and the early results are promising. And like Barolo it is a wine for the cellar. Viognier (called Vio) is excellent, and you can decide whether you want an oaked or unoaked style. Overall, it’s a rewarding, off-the-beaten-path experience.

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Bruno Moos
Winemaker: Bruno Moos
Elyane Grenier
Winemakers's choice: Cabernet Merlot
Best Brand: ARIA (Nebbiolo)

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