Cornerstone Estate Winery

Cornerstone Estate Winery

This charming, small, family-owned winery was established in 2002. Located just outside Beamsville in the Lincoln Lakeshore appellation with 20 acres, this vineyard produces a variety of premium reduced crop, hand-picked whites and reds. Latest award winners include: 2007 Gamay, 2007 Cabernet Franc/Merlot, 2008 Cab Franc, 2009 Rieslings, 2009 Chardonnay Musque, 2009 Chenin Blanc, and our “must tastes”: 2007 Fine Port, 2009 Gewürztraminer and 2008 Vidal Icewine. Cornerstone also produces a variety of fruit wines.

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Jerry Kopanski
Winemaker: Jerry Kopanski
Winemakers's choice: 2009 Riesling Barrel Aged

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