Bellingham Wines

Bellingham Wines

Bellingham is synonymous with the finest
wines in South Africa

With a history firmly rooted in the winelands of the Cape, the first vines were planted in the virgin soil of the beautiful Franschhoek valley more than 350 years ago. Since then, generations of Bellingham winemakers have toiled the earth, nurtured the vines and carefully crafted wines of great diversity and character.

The Bellingham tradition has always boldly pioneered new trends to stay at the cutting-edge of crafting fine wines, yet we have always remained true to the call for stylish, accessible and well-balanced wines which proudly reflect the distinctive character of each varietal and our Cape terroir.

The result is a delightfully diverse range. Exciting. Modern. Lively. Sophisticated without pretence and New World-ish with a charisma that prevails as classic earning Bellingham wines world-class status. It's no secret that the label is one of South Africa's best known wines in global markets while remaining a favourite at home.

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