Wines From BC

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Carl Roth 21 posts

Just received 6 bottles of Burrowing Owl wine direct from the winery ( 2 × 2008 Merlot, 2 × 2009 Meritage, 2 × 2008 Chardonnay) and including shipping i still SAVED $66.00 as compared to LCBO prices!

Doesn’t appear to be a problem with inter-provincial wine shipping.

Monika Janek 5 posts

Oh wow! Good to know! Did you have to pay any sort of duties on it? I know it’s funny to ask that considering that it’s within the same country.

Carl Roth 21 posts

No duties just shipping of $20 for 1-12 bottles and prices are tax included!

Gary Hardiman 1 post

I would like to get a case of wine from California but they said they have to ship to a wine merchant.
is this true and do you reccommend one?
Martin Ray winery – 2010 merlot – Angeline Cost $13 U.S. per bottle

FM Machold 1 post

BC wines: how do I find out the best of BC in descending order?