Decanters and Aerators

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This past weekend, I received a unique gift from a friend after we visited a winery. Called a Vinturi, it works on the venturi principle. Air is drawn in through two small holes in the side of the unit, and it aerates the wine as it is poured through the funnel-like device. It is finely crafted and, in my opinion, is very effective in ‘amplifying’ the nose and the flavours on the palate. IMHO it’s not as effective with young, tannic wines but makes a notable difference in opening up wines aged 3+ years.

There is a good review of the Vinturi (with photo) by Rod Philips that can be viewed at:…


Shawn McCormick 2 posts

I posted a blog article last year on a similar device – the guys in our wine club affectionately labelled it the “Wine Bong”:…

Carol Ann Jessiman Administrator 27 posts

My husband just received the Vinturi as a gift and we are using it all the time. Now, with my “Breathable Glasses from Eisch” , young wine doesn’t stand a chance! Actually, if you haven’t tried these breathable glasses, check them out. We really think it makes a difference. And even if it doesn’t – they are beautiful.


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I was interested in aerating more than single servings… but not a full bottle when a standard decanter would come in handy. The ‘bong’ was an option but I also liked the idea of individual decanters when having guests. I ended up with small decanters, look like 1/3th size, from Home Sense, large enough for two good servings and several of them to handle different whites and reds. I haven’t used them yet so don’t know how they’ll work on a crowded dinner table.

Rosehill Wine Cellars 2 posts

The Vinturi was extremely popular over the holiday season at our establishment. We have heard nothing but great comments about the product. Has anyone tried the white wine aerator (Vinturi), as well?

Rosehill Wine Cellars


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This is a quote from my nephew ‘that aerator you asked about was a gift in the family. So….we tried it…one aerated, one not. The difference was shocking to us.’ He was visiting family in Alberta and it was the Vinturi, for red wine tho’ not white. B

Carl Roth 21 posts

Received a “Vinturi” for Christmas – excellent!

bigredlions 1 post

My friends & I have been using the Nuance Wine Finer and are quite impressed with the results. It’s very easy to use as it fits right in the bottle. Aerator, no-drip pourer & filter all in one. It even has a lid. Easy to slip in a ziplock when dining out.

Carol Ann Jessiman Administrator 27 posts

I love the Nuance Wine Finer and have given quite a few as gifts. As mentioned above, it’s acts as a great aerator and dripless pourer. The one ‘con’ that I was told is that you may not always want to ‘filter’ a wine…and of course, you can’t stop it from doing that. So, for those better quality wines I use my Vinturi! Am I wrong to worry about filtering a wine?