Making Wine from Kits

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TL Silverthorn 1 post

I would like to start crafting my own wine at home from kits. Is there a web site out there that tells me what the finished products turn out like and how they compare to commercial products? For example, if I like Wyndham Estate Bin 444, can I find which kit is closest to this?

winefanatic 5 posts

Wine from a kit using concentrates is like orange juice from concentrate as opposed to fresh squeezed… I think if you want to break winemaking down to two golden rules they would be 1) start with good raw materials (which means either fresh juice or grapes, well preserved through refrigeration prior to fermentation, if not fermented immediately following harvest or pressing) and 2) be scrupulously clean… fermenation vessels and all your equipment should be sterile.

You can get fresh juice from several growers in Niagara… but if you want a warmer climate red, you can also get frozen must that is shipped here from California. (look up Peter Brehm Vineyards online). Aside from preserving the quality, the freezing also ‘’cold macerates"’ the must, for better extraction of tannins and colour!

cricri 1 post

Sure juices and concentrates are easier to handlae. but based on my own experience (20 years+) fresh juices are worth the extra effort. But Just because you start with pinot grapes do not expect to end up with Clos Vougeot….

Phillip Anthony 2 posts

A common kit should include all the basics so you can start making wine right away. The most typical ingredient within wine fermentation is yeast, of which there are different types depending on quality.