Wine Allergies?

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ccurrie 1 post

I LOVE red wine. But recently I am wondering if my love is causing me to break out in hives on my face head and ears. I don’t have wine every night but at least 3 times a week. Last night I had a glass of a Merlot Cabernet and this morning my face is a red itchy mess. I am going to stop having wine for a couple of weeks (SOB) to see what happens. If it turns out that I am allergic to something in the wine, I am wondering if its possible that a particular grape could be causing the problem or if its something s in all wines ie. sulphates. Has anyone else experienced this?

Wine 4 Me 55 posts

It is most likely that the sulphites in the wine is causing the hives. Might be worth trying an organic red as organic producers cannot add sulphites to preserve the wine (though there is always some sulphites that occur naturally in wine). Do you have hives when drinking white or dessert wines? These generally have even higher levels of sulphites than red.

Carol Ann Jessiman Administrator 27 posts

My husband will sometimes have a mild alcohol reaction (runny nose, sniffles). In his case, it seems to occur only when he has a drink on an empty stomach. So he either makes sure to eat first, or he takes an over-the-counter antihistamine. You may want to try that. CA

Monika Janek 5 posts

I too have started to experience strange things happening after wine! Hives and build up of phlegm (I know, gross!). I won’t let that stop me! I just take some Reactine if I know I’m going to be enjoying some wine. I don’t take it all the time but if I know I’m going to a wine event or tasting, I might. It doesn’t happen all the time so I just keep a pack around…especially for a run-in with a cat. ;)