Cristal, 1994 selling?

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trsmith 1 post

I have a 1994 bottle of Louis R Cristal. I would love to sell it. I’m in Toronto- would I just post this on Kijiji? Does any one know what it might be worth?

Wine 4 Me 55 posts

No idea what its worth, but are you not running afoul of the law by selling privately? The LCBO controls all sales of liquor in the Province. If they didn;t, think of what would happen! A free market in alcohol sales might emerge, oh perish the thought!!! But seriously, you could run into legal problems doing this. You could try to sell it through Vintages auction which is run each fall.

Carl Roth 21 posts

Internet retail prices go from $300 to over $600 from US dealers.

Jason Chenier 1 post

I’d be interested in talking to you about if you still have it for sale.