1961 bottle of wine

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Hi, I am looking for the above. Does anyone know where I could find this in Southern Ontario? How much it might be?


Wine 4 Me 55 posts

For Ontario, your best bet on picking up a 1961 bottle of wine that is even remotely drinkable is through our monopoly’s annual auction, to be held in later October this year. You would may need to buy other wines along with it as they are often offered in lots of more than one bottle. There is also MARCHESI DI BAROLO BAROLO 1961, LCBO 155614 | 750 mL bottle for $949 at a couple of stores in Toronto (just a couple of bottles left).

If you can get to the US, your options are vastly superior (the benefits of a free marekt in wine sales). Try using wine searcher to find a bottle but stick to only the best retailers to ensure best provenance.

Finally, keep in mind that most wines from 1961 are long dead – beware any cheap wines (under $200). Bordeaux had a fabulous vintage in ’61 but only a precious few would likely still be enjoyable. Chateau Latour, Palmer or La Mission Haut Brion are good bets but these will likely run your north of $3000/bottle. Alas, I have not tasted these, I would love to get one for it is my birth year as well. Just too dear for my pocketbook! Other bets may be Barolo or perhaps Brunello?

Good luck!

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1961 was a good year for vintage port but you’re probably looking at $200+ and a trip to a specialty shop in the US. The Chicago Wine Co., for example, is currently offering ports from the 1955 and 1963 vintages. They also have auctions of 1961 bordeaux wines but see Norm N’s comments above.