So, You Think You Know Wine?

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Bryan McCaw Administrator 90 posts

We’d love to get your comments and feedback on our new video series.

Dan Trcka 21 posts

These videos are fun and educational, I am looking forward to seeing more of them. Excellent idea Bryan!

There already is a discussion setup about this, especially about episode 1 with 5 voices posting their comments. It is located in the “Wine Events” directory in a forum titled “So, you think you know your wine?”

check it out

Phillip Anthony 2 posts

Wine is the name of the world’s most famous dazzling wine. We also know and love comes exclusively from the wine region of France, and claims the honor of being the most famous of the sparkling wines.

Max Nokhrin 2 posts

A question about the latest episode in the series (Ep#3.7 – Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon 2009). I was pretty surprised to see everyone quite so far off the mark and was wondering if that might be a sign that there was something amiss with the bottle?

Wine 4 Me 55 posts

Hi Max, I don’t think that anything was amiss with the bottle. I suspect that the wine making style at Martini has simply overshadowed the character of the Cabernet and the local terroir.

Max Nokhrin 2 posts

Thanks for the reply, Norm. I figured that was probably the more likely possibility, especially since none of the panelists mentioned anything about the bottle being off, but I was just wondering about it in any case .

ivorwinn 1 post

Do I know about wine? Who knows? wine is an individual experience. Yes, there are rules but rules are made to be broken. My top call on a wine was Chateau Margaux 1975 2o years ago. Like the aroma of heaven and the pallet of a fine lady. The memories are still fresh and the body went numb. Not wine any more just something better!