Closson Chase

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Viticulturalist and winemaker Deborah Paskus was among the first to plant in the County’s tough limestone soils, founding Closson Chase in a big purple barn in 2000. But it would take almost a decade to boost her organically farmed acreage to 13 hectares and open a small, modern winery nearby, supplementing production with labels from prime Niagara sites. Paskus is essentially a Chardonnay specialist, making bold, layered, rich Chardonnays; long-aged in barrels, they aim at Burgundy’s top whites. Low-yield, and equally complex, Pinot Noir is the red partner, with small amounts of rosé and unoaked (sans chêne) Chardonnay. The barn is now the tasting room, with local-art space adjoining an engaging organic garden.