Kacaba Vineyards

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alvino 1 post

It’s interesting that when Kacaba’s Syrah Reserve won top Red in Canada at this year’s Wine Access awards, they jacked up the price from about $44 to $69.

Wine 4 Me 55 posts

Imagine the syrahs that you can buy from the north Rhone for that kind of coin.

Gaby Israel 3 posts

One major thing that has to improve in Kacaba is their overall attitude. My two independent visits didn’t leave me with the feeling I would think to go there again and/or buy their wines.
Their wines are good but not as amazing as they present think they are. and dare you question it…

Wine 4 Me 55 posts

I’ve never been there, Gaby (despite their proximity to where I live), but their pricing turns me off. In fact, it was their pricing that had me thinking that they have a little to much attitude, and your post confirms that. Too many other friendly places to visit in the area.

Philip Martin 2 posts

skip it.

1. tasting room is the size of an average restroom.
2. wines (histoircally) have been unremarkable.
3. daniel lenko is right next door and mama lenko may send you home with some homemade apricot jam.
4. a bingo style sign board on the road… need i go on?