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Comment So, You Think You Know Wine?
4 topics

Commentary around our new blind tasting video series.

almost 2 years ago by ivorwinn view
Comment VQA
2 topics

Discussing VQA wines & the VQA program.

about 2 years ago by niagarawinevideos view
Comment Looking for that bottle of wine?
30 topics

Can’t find a specific bottle? Not available at the LCBO? Tasted a wine in a restaurant and want to know where to get it? Ask other WineAlign members for help.

about 1 month ago by winescope view
Comment Wine 101
26 topics

Just beginning to enjoy & learn about wine? This is the place for you. Ask your wine related questions here.

over 1 year ago by Carol Ann Jessiman view
Comment Wine & Food Pairings
7 topics

What wine should you pair that chicken, fish or meat with? Matching wine to food is a great way to explore the world of wine.

over 1 year ago by Ed Whitebone view
Comment Winemaking
2 topics

Want to know how those grapes got turned into that amazing bottle of wine? Want to make your own wine? Find out here.

about 2 years ago by Phillip Anthony view
Comment Wine Books
3 topics

Have a favourite wine book? Looking for any recommendations? Read about them here.

almost 4 years ago by Dan Dickinson view
Comment Wine Paraphernalia
5 topics

Wine glasses (stems), decanters, funnels, cellars, corkscrews, corks & gadgets. Read about & review them here.

about 4 years ago by Carol Ann Jessiman view
Comment Wine Shipping Laws
4 topics

Join the Province to Province shipping debate. What are your thoughts?

over 3 years ago by FM Machold view
Comment Wine Regions of the World
3 topics

Whats your favourite wine region? What regions would you like to explore? What makes a specific region so different?

over 3 years ago by Dan Trcka view
Comment Wine Events
12 topics

List your favourite wine event(s) or discover new ones. Have them listed on the WineAlign Events page.

almost 4 years ago by Dan Trcka view
Comment Wine & Your Health
0 topics

There seems to be a new report everyday extolling the health benefits of wine. Find out more.

Comment Wine Country Travel
5 topics

Where to stay, what to see & do and other travel tips when you visit your favourite wine destination.

over 2 years ago by Swampy Pete view
Comment Value wines under $15
3 topics

DIscuss your favourite value wine under $15.

over 4 years ago by Carl Roth view
Comment Wine Ratings and Scores
5 topics

Always a fun topic.

almost 4 years ago by Bryan McCaw view
Comment Ontario Wineries
91 topics

Whats your favourite Ontario Winery? Looking for a winery recommendation?

over 2 years ago by Jessica Hannah view
Comment Private Wine Retailing
1 topics

David recently posted a blog on Private Wine Retailing in Ontario. He mentions that the solution needs to come from the will of consumers. So, let’s hear what you think.

about 2 years ago by Carol Ann Jessiman view
Comment Canada's Food & Wine Culture
0 topics

Rhys Pender recently published an article on Canada’s wine and food culture and the lack thereof. What are your thoughts?

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