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Comment So, You Think You Know Wine?
4 topics

Commentary around our new blind tasting video series.

8 months ago by ivorwinn view
Comment VQA
2 topics

Discussing VQA wines & the VQA program.

about 1 year ago by niagarawinevideos view
Comment Looking for that bottle of wine?
29 topics

Can’t find a specific bottle? Not available at the LCBO? Tasted a wine in a restaurant and want to know where to get it? Ask other WineAlign members for help.

9 months ago by Ed Dupuis view
Comment Wine 101
26 topics

Just beginning to enjoy & learn about wine? This is the place for you. Ask your wine related questions here.

3 months ago by Carol Ann Jessiman view
Comment Wine & Food Pairings
7 topics

What wine should you pair that chicken, fish or meat with? Matching wine to food is a great way to explore the world of wine.

3 months ago by Ed Whitebone view
Comment Winemaking
2 topics

Want to know how those grapes got turned into that amazing bottle of wine? Want to make your own wine? Find out here.

12 months ago by Phillip Anthony view
Comment Wine Books
3 topics

Have a favourite wine book? Looking for any recommendations? Read about them here.

almost 3 years ago by Dan Dickinson view
Comment Wine Paraphernalia
5 topics

Wine glasses (stems), decanters, funnels, cellars, corkscrews, corks & gadgets. Read about & review them here.

about 3 years ago by Carol Ann Jessiman view
Comment Wine Shipping Laws
4 topics

Join the Province to Province shipping debate. What are your thoughts?

over 2 years ago by FM Machold view
Comment Wine Regions of the World
3 topics

Whats your favourite wine region? What regions would you like to explore? What makes a specific region so different?

over 2 years ago by Dan Trcka view
Comment Wine Events
12 topics

List your favourite wine event(s) or discover new ones. Have them listed on the WineAlign Events page.

over 2 years ago by Dan Trcka view
Comment Wine & Your Health
0 topics

There seems to be a new report everyday extolling the health benefits of wine. Find out more.

Comment Wine Country Travel
5 topics

Where to stay, what to see & do and other travel tips when you visit your favourite wine destination.

over 1 year ago by Swampy Pete view
Comment Value wines under $15
3 topics

DIscuss your favourite value wine under $15.

about 3 years ago by Carl Roth view
Comment Wine Ratings and Scores
5 topics

Always a fun topic.

almost 3 years ago by Bryan McCaw view
Comment Ontario Wineries
91 topics

Whats your favourite Ontario Winery? Looking for a winery recommendation?

over 1 year ago by Jessica Hannah view
Comment Private Wine Retailing
1 topics

David recently posted a blog on Private Wine Retailing in Ontario. He mentions that the solution needs to come from the will of consumers. So, let’s hear what you think.

11 months ago by Carol Ann Jessiman view
Comment Canada's Food & Wine Culture
0 topics

Rhys Pender recently published an article on Canada’s wine and food culture and the lack thereof. What are your thoughts?

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