John Szabo’s 2017 Fizz Report

Twelve Occasions to Buy Sparkling Wine, with Buyer’s Guide  
By John Szabo, MS

John Szabo, MS

John Szabo, MS

It’s time for the annual fizz report, and this year I bring back my twelve essential occasions for which you’ll need to buy bubbly, with recommendations for each. All wines are currently available either at the LCBO, in consignment (agents are listed), or from the winery (go ahead and exercise your constitutional rights, which provides for the free flow of Canadian goods between provinces, and order directly from out of province wineries – see section 121). Feel free to mix and match recommendations and occasions, as the need arises.

If you’re planning a party and doing the cooking, check out my annual year end tasting panel report where you’ll find three terrific scallop recipes by Terroni’s Giovanna Alonzi along with their perfect wines (also available), as determined by serious experts.

May your upcoming holidays be positively sparkling!

John Szabo’s Twelve Occasions to Buy (and drink) Sparkling Wine

1. Lunch with long lost friends

There’s lots to talk about, so no time to fuss over precious wine. Besides, your out-of-touch friends may not be as enthused about wine as you are, and may not have evolved much beyond high school park party beverages. So reach for the old standard Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava, Spain (on sale until December 31st for $13.25). You won’t score points for originality nor change anybody’s world, but this Cava classic is a sure step up in depth and complexity from the company’s more basic (and less expensive) Carta Nevada, and better than most in the price category. If you are paying attention, it has textbook earthy-briny-green olive and green apple flavours, with sufficient toasty-biscuity flavours to add interest, and it’s crisp and very dry, and low in alcohol, so a useful ‘session’ wine.…

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Happy New Year! That’s all for this report. See you next year, around the next bottle.

John Szabo, MS



Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava